a book with no pages by a poet with no papers

the present refugee crisis has seen more than 11 million men, women and children displaced as they take the dangerous journey across europe to escape war and terror in their home countries. young unaccompanied teenage boys are one of the most at-risk groups of those uprooted from their homes. even when successful in arriving to a safe country like the uk, the struggle does not end for these vulnerable boys.

unable to work or study until their asylum application is processed, and isolated from the community, these boys are lonely, bored, and have very little independence. one such boy has decided to fill his time writing poetry. we present to you a book with no pages, by a poet with no papers.

by purchasing this book you will be supporting the young men like this poet; rendered aimless and adrift while they await their documents. for every £10 you donate we will send you a signed copy of the first collection of ho3ein’s writings alongside images from the citizen photo project that took place in the calais jungle earlier this year and were later shown at ‘papers’ festival at the barbican centre in london. every £30 donator will receive a signed copy plus 6 postcard-sized prints of each of the images used in the collection.

all proceeds of the sale of this book will go directly to supporting these vulnerable young men on the next part of their journey in the UK. when donating, please email beatrice-lily@hotmail.com with your address for postage.

please visit www.paypal.me/abookwithnopages to purchase & donate.