kids in the calais jungle

this is an open letter to the english and french governments that my good friend hassan from afghanistan wrote in farsi and translated himself. i managed to get it to one of the organisers of an event held in the good chance theatre in the jungle and it was read out to hundreds including jude law and matt berry who are two of his favourite british actors. he is 17.

“This is the first thing that I want to say that Jungle is just for animals not for humans. The governments of France and England must know. Second, from time when I come to this Jungle I didn’t see any human right and I think these two countries don’t accept us as human. Police behave like that with us that even someone not behave with animals. I don’t know from where I start what I have to say. We escape from our country to have a better life but I am tired of living here. Even we want to dead. Don’t know where I have to go. Who will listen to my words? The problems which I face to whom I must tell? Don’t know who will listen to me.
Life is like a prison for me now. We are also humans. We have the right to life. We have hopes to have a better life, a life with peace and friendly environment. Why you don’t understand us? Don’t you have feelings?
If we talk logically. Just one bomb attack happen in Paris and everyone scared very much. Even there are such families that didn’t left their houses for weeks. There is not such a single day that an attack or a bomb blast not happen in our country. Lots of people dies.
Is it your feelings? Is is the human right? Is it you only human? Or accept us to like a human. If you accept us as then do you give us these rights?
The government of England which is a super power can’t fit maximum 4000 people and accept them as migrants. Instead they give money to French government to make the border hard and harder each day and French government hate every refugees. Is it humans right?
If we talk about Calais police, behaviour which a human do with other human we can’t see in Calais police. One night I was in Jungle Books and try to go to the container camp. There was a ditch of water in road to Salam. Police car came and speed up and put all that water from the ditch on me and I totally get wet and I was really get sad. Even my eyes get wet because of behaviour of a human with other human.
Best Regards,